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I combine quantitative and qualitative methods from social and natural sciences in inter- and transdisciplinary collaborations

Global environmental change will cause significant changes in ecosystems and the benefits they provide. I’m interested in assessing these potential impacts, and understanding the consequences of the impacts for society.

I work with public, private and societal stakeholders to understand interactions between the environment and society, anticipate future change, and support the development of appropriate strategies and policies to cope with these challenges.


My interests are wide and varied but can mostly be grouped under three themes:

  1. Global change impacts and adaptation: Understanding vulnerability under global change and identifying nature-based solutions

  2. Foresight: Developing scenarios techniques to assess potential global change impacts on ecosystems and society and explore sustainable development pathways. 

  3. Ecosystem Services: Understanding how people and society depend on and value benefits derived from nature and the environment. 


An full overview of my academic journal publications, book chapters, and selected other publications.


An overview of selected past and current research projects and initiatives where I made substantial contributions.


An overview of archived datasets, including spatial stratification datasets and land use visualisations.


I’ve published over 90 research papers with over 300 co-authors on a wide range of topics. These papers have been cited over 7000 times, and I have an h-index of 34 (in Scopus).


Journal publications

In press


  • Metzger M.J., Keller R., Lo V., Filyuskina A., Komossa F., López-Rodríguez M.D., Valfri C., De Vries Lentsch A. (2023) ‘Bonkers but good!’ – Using illustration-based interview methods to understand land management and conservation visions. Landscape and Urban Planning 239: 104862.

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  • Sharma K., Hollingdale J., Walters G., Metzger M.J., Ghazoul J. (2023) In danger of co-option: Examining how austerity and central control shape community woodlands in Scotland. Geoforum, 142: 103771

  • Melnick R.L., Jarvis L., Hendley P., Garcia-Alonso M., Metzger M.J., Ramankutty N., Teem J.L., Roberts A. (2023) GEnZ explorer: a tool for visualizing agroclimate to inform research and regulatory risk assessment. Transgenic Research

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Selected other publications

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My research projects

Principal research activities and grants with major leadership roles.


FORLAND Restoration

2018-2020 – PI – 450k£

This Climate-KIC Forest and Landscape restoration demonstrator project FORLAND works in case-studies in Scotland and Brazil to co-develop and test ways to engage key stakeholders to achieve more sustainable land use and land management, including opportunities for forest expansion and restoration.


Landscapes as Carbon Sinks

2019-2020 – Co-I – 150k£

This Climate-KIC Deep Demonstration project connects pioneering land-based, bioeconomy and investment organisations with policy makers and citizens to design a systemic transformation of the land use sectors in Scotland.


Understanding the potential for private sector investment in natural capital

2017-2018 – PI – 17.5 k£

This short NERC-VNN post-doctoral placement with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency explored how investment by companies who rely on healthy natural capital but do manage land themselves could invest in sustainable land management in the Spey catchment in Scotland.


Understanding interdependent climate change risks using a serious game

2017-2018 – Co-I – 63k£

In this NERC-ERIIP project we piloted a climate science-informed serious game. The game, which was co-developed and played with stakeholders, reveals interdependent climate hazard risks on infrastructure and highlights the approach’s usefulness for facilitating dialogue and exploring adaptation needs.


ACES – Livelihoods and land use change in Mozambique

2013-2017 – 1869 k£ – WP lead

ACES – an interdisciplinary NERC project – worked to understand how the livelihoods of rural people in the miombo and mopane woodlands of Mozambique change as the landscape is converted from woodlands to agriculture. My post-doc developed multi-scalar scenarios and modelled change in ecosystem services and livelihoods using a BBN model.


OPERAs - Ecosystem Science for Policy & Practice

2012-2017 – 11460 kEuro – project co-lead

OPERAs was a five year European research project running from 2012-2017 that aimed to put cutting edge ecosystem science into practice. Researchers and practioners from 27 different organisations helped stakeholders to apply the ecosystem services and natural capital concept into practice.


IPCC – Contributing author AR5


I was a contributing author to the Europe chapter of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report and developed the sub-regional classification of the IPCC Europe region which was used to summarise climate impacts.


VOLANTE – Visions of Land Use Transitions in Europe

2010-2015 – 9056 kEuro – Module Lead

VOLANTE improved understanding of observed and future land use change in Europe, societal visions for desired sustainable land use and possible pathways towards these desired futures. Together, the insights provide a basis for roadmap towards sustainable land use in Europe. I coordinated the vision development process.


CLIMSAVE – Climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation

2009-2013 – 3149 kEuro – case-study lead

CLIMSAVE was a European project that developed a user-friendly, interactive web-based tool that will allow stakeholders to assess climate change impacts and vulnerabilities for a range of sectors, including agriculture, forests, biodiversity, coasts, water resources and urban development. I led the Scotland case-study to design and test the tool.


EBONE – Towards a European biodiversity observation network

2008 - 2012 – 3435 kEuro – WP lead

EBONE was a European project that developed  a cost effective system of biodiversity data collection at regional, national and European levels. I led the development a statistical sampling frame and created a global environmental stratification dataset to support GEO BON.


ATEAM – Understanding vulnerability of European ecosystem services

2001-2004 – 3200kEuro – PhD student

ATEAM was one of the first integrative projects that modelled a range of ecosystem services under a consistent set of socio-economic and climate change scenarios. As a PhD student I developed a method to  map, compare and understand  global change vulnerability across Europe.


The Environmental Stratification of Europe

The Environmental Stratification of Europe (EnS) is a statistically derived land classification, providing a spatial framework for the integration and analysis of ecological and environmental data. The dataset distinguishes 84 strata that are relatively homogeneous in environmental conditions and can be aggregated into 13 environmental zones. The classification procedure is described in Global Ecology and Biogeography by Metzger et al. 2005.


The Global Environmental Stratification

The Global Environmental Stratification (GEnS) is a statistically derived global bioclimate classification, providing a novel global spatial framework for the integration and analysis of ecological and environmental data. The dataset distinguishes 125 strata that are relatively homogeneous in bioclimatic conditions and can be aggregated into 18 environmental zones. The classification procedure is described in Global Ecology and Biogeography by Metzger et al. 2013.


Future scenarios of shifts in GEnS bioclimate strata based on CIMP5 climate change scenarios for 2050

This dataset provides an alternative representation of global climate change projections based on shifts in the 125 multivariate strata of the Global Environmental Stratification (Metzger et al. 2013). The classification procedure is described in Environmental Research Letters by Soteriades et al. 2017.

Past scenarios of shifts in GEnS bioclimate strata based on PMIP3 climate change scenarios for the Mid-Holocene and Last Glacial Maximum

This dataset projects the Global Environmental Stratification (GEnS) (Metzger et al., 2013) onto palaeoclimatic models of the mid-Holocene and Last Glacial Maximum following the methodology used by Soteriades et al., (2017).

A high resolution economic density zone map of Europe

Economic density (€ km−2) forms an integrative indicator that is based on two key drivers that were identified above: economic power and human population pressure. The dataset present an economic density map and four economic density zones at a 1km2 resolution as described by Metzger et al. (2010) in the Journal of Environmental Management.

Sub-regional classification of the IPCC Europe region

This dataset provides the GIS files of the sub-regional classification of Europe used in the Europe chapter of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report, based on the Environmental Stratification of Europe (Metzger et al., 2005).

Causal diagrams linking rural well-being with forest ecosystem services in Mozambique

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Scenarios of future land use change in Mozambique

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Visualisations help engage stakeholders and the public in land use change studies including normative and explorative scenario development and social surveys. These visualisations are archived and free to use under a CC4.0 license.


Five illustrated woodland expansion visions for Scotland

Five contrasting woodland expansion visions were identified by Burton et al. 2018, based on a mixed-method approach consisting of: content analysis of 53 vision documents, plans and policies relating to forestry and woodland expansion from a wide range of stakeholders involved in forestry, conservation and land use in Scotland; a stakeholder workshop; and semi-structured interviews.

Three illustrated land use visions of Europe for 2040

Three cross-sectoral vision for future sustainable land use in Europe were identified by Perez-Soba et al. 2018 based on a participatory process with 63 expert stakeholders: Local multi-functional; Regional Connected; and Best Land. This dataset provides illustrations of these visions.


STREAMLINE - a visual interview methodology

STREAMLINE  is a bespoke scientific interview format that makes consultations, workshops and focus groups more fun and accessible. Using a mix of images, storytelling and multiple-choice questions on laminated A3 canvases, participants are engaged and structured, rich, multi-layered data can be collected. The dataset contains a userguide, catalogue, and graphics files for 14 canvas templates and 500+ illustrations.

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A Decade of Weather – a serious game to understand cascading climate change impacts

This dataset provides all the material to play "A Decade of Weather", a serious game to understand multiple hazards and risk from climate change on interdependent infrastructure described in detail by Undorf et al. 2020.

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Scotland's natural treasures - an illustrated ecosystem services map

This map provides a rich picture of many ecosystem services provided by Scotland's land and sea and is accompanied by a legend that explains different categories of benefits. The map - and the illustrated ecosystem services within the map - can be used for illustration purposes and as an informative educational resource.

Europe's natural treasures - an illustrated ecosystem services map

This map provides a rich picture of many ecosystem services provided by Europe's land and sea and is accompanied by a legend that explains different categories of benefits. The map - and the illustrated ecosystem services within the map - can be used for illustration purposes and as an informative educational resource.

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